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Duramax Injector Pumps

Bosch CP fuel pumps have been used in Duramax Diesel 6600 engines since the first engines built in 2001. These fuel pumps are reliable and are matched to the Bosch fuel injection systems used in the engines. Just as the engine has been a work in progress, so have the Bosch fuel pumps. Pumps on the original Duramax operated at 23,000 PSI. Current Duramax engines with piezo injection operate at 30,000 PSI enabled by the improved design of the Bosch CP pump. These fuel pressures are 300 to 600 times greater than common gasoline engines, even those used by NASCAR. These diesel engine pressures would literally blow apart a gasoline fuel injection system. Beginning in 2011, the Duramax engines used a significantly hardened fuel delivery system to withstand the new higher pressures used.